Pacific Knight Emblem & Insignia was started to fill the void left by Barry Black, of Black Knight Enterprises, when he passed away in 2011. Barry believed in personal service no matter how big or small the client and we continue that tradition.

Please click the link to a memorial page to Barry Black and learn a little more about him and our company.

Pacific Knight Emblem was founded by two military veterans. One is an actively serving Federal Law Enforcement Officer and the other has worked in the Fire Service Industry / EMS field for many years.

Our philosophy is that you don’t have to pay a lot to look professional. Nor should you have to pay a lot to get good customer service. Our promise to you, the customer, is that we will do our very best to get you the finest quality product at the best possible price.

Your agency or company insignia is an important part of your public image. We want to help create an emblem that you will proud to wear for years to come!


Pacific Knight Emblem & Insignia

Pacific: Our roots may have started in the Pacific Northwest but we have expanded beyond there. We have representatives outside Washington but want people to understand that we view the entire Pacific Coast region as our home territory.

Knight: A tribute to Barry Black of Black Knight Graphics. The original Black Knight! Barry Black was a pioneer in the local NW police/fire insignia supply business and we wanted to honor his memory. Our company motto, “Honoring the Black Knight” is a testament to him.

Emblem & Insignia: We do more than badges and patches. We can provide all manner of duty and off-duty items. From duty badges to retirement gifts, commemorative items to service awards, promotional items to athletic awards, custom fit wallets to belt buckles, we can provide it all.