Welcome to Pacific Knight Emblem!

Welcome to Pacific Knight Emblem & Insignia LLC, known as Pacific Knight for short. At Pacific Knight we recognize that your badge or patch is more than a piece of metal or cloth. It is more than a symbol of your authority; it is a physical representation of your commitment and dedication to public safety. You should be as proud of the uniform you wear as you are of the job that you do.

Pacific Knight Emblem & Insignia is dedicated to providing the highest quality uniform insignia to our Public Safety agencies at the lowest possible price. We recognize that your budgetary dollars are being stretched thinner and thinner but that doesn’t mean the quality of your uniform has to suffer.

Allow Pacific Knight Emblem to design a custom and unique emblem that you would be proud to wear! All artwork for your custom designed insignia is created by employees of Pacific Knight Emblem in the USA based on consultation and advice, from you, the customer. We do not allow foreign companies to offer generic or bland ideas that do not reflect the nature or traditions of your organization. 

Even if you are happy with what you are already wearing, allow us to provide you with a quote for reordering. You will be surprised by the savings! We guarantee to meet or beat any competitors’ price. **

** (Requires written competitors’ price quote or prior department invoice. Applies to like items, quantities, and manufacturers)